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Loan For NPA Accounts

Fund Source India would like to introduce ourselves as one of premier fund advising and financial consultancy group, arranging funds/finance from our funders(up to any extent of amount) and acting as intermediary for settlement of NON-PERFORMING ASSET (NPA) accounts for corporate and non-corporate entities.

How to convert NPA account to Normal account?. So, it is necessary for NPA clients to re-finance their NPA account in order to avail standard banking facilities and loans for their business. Following are some finance options for borrower :

Our team consists of experienced financial professionals, Ex­banker who has got wide financial services experience of over Ten years or more. We have excellent relations with our lenders, Private Equity, Builder Finance, Takeover of NPA Accounts RBI, NBFC financing NPA Accounts, Finance for NPA Accounts and other NBFC.

Re-structure of NPA Account

Borrower can approach their bank to restructure their loan. This will regain all previous facilties and accounts and after one of operation, account will completely converted in to standard account.Then client also apply for additional loan or move to another bank for enhancement. This re-structuring decision is completely depends upon banking policies & bank hold the complete rights to decide to go for it or not.

Private funding sources provide a valuable service for small businesses through their more relaxed lending requirements and quick funding.

Transfer of NPA Account

Borrower can transfer their NPA account in some financial institute authorized by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for such transactions. These financial institute repay to NPA Loan account directly to your bank or nbfc. After one year of successful & timely repayment with this new financial institute, your account becomes standard.

Paying Loan through some External Source or Private arrangment

Borrower can do this by taking financial favour from your close relationships. Another way, approaching some private finance arrangement in your local area. Normally this kind of finance only available locally and looking out options other than your local area will not solve your purpose. Searching for this arrangement outside your local area, you will only lose time & efforts and in some cases your precious money also. Some of clients have very bad experience in terms of time & money. Top of above, this kind of financing is not readily available & is rarely available.

Introduce New Partner in Company

Borrower can raise funds by introducing new partner in company. New partner will takes share in company & he will infuse some funds in company, which can be used for repaying Non Performing Asset Loan accounts.